This site lists scientific publications related to the Companion Platform and its predecessor, the Niccimon Platform.


Companion Platform - Modular Software Platform for Rapid Development of Mobile Applications
Daniel Wichmann, Martin Pielot, Susanne Boll
it - Information Technology Special-Issue on Mobiles Datenmanagement, Heft 2, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag München, April, 2009.


Location-based mapping services to support collaboration in spatially distributed workgroups
Eike Michael Meyer, Daniel Wichmann, Henning Büsch, Susanne Boll
Proceedings of the CollaborateCom 2008, Orlando, FL, USA, November 13-16, 2008.

Virtual signposts for location-based story-telling

Dirk Ahlers, Susanne Boll, Daniel Wichmann
In Proceedings of the International GI Days Conference (GI Days) 2008, Münster, Germany, June 16-17, 2008.


Mobiler, multimedialer Alpenwanderführer basierend auf GNSS
Jochen Meyer, Peter Steurer, Daniel Wichmann
Conference: "Der Alpenraum und seine Herausforderungen an Orientierung, Navigation und Informationsaustausch" (AHORN), Bad Reichenhall, Germany, 20. - 21. November, 2007  (in German).


Die Niccimon-Plattform für mobile Anwendungen
Daniel Wichmann, Jens Krösche
In: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Appelrath and Henning Scheibner (editors): Niccimon - Das Niedersächsische Kompetenzzentrum Informationssys
teme für die Mobile Nutzung, pages 19-37, Shaker-Verlag, 2006, ISBN 3-8322-5228-2 (in German).

CombiTag - playing multimedia memory in our physical environment
Jörg Baldzer, Michael Gottschalk, Susanne Boll
Pervasive Games Workshop 2006, Dublin, Ireland.


Evaluating a Mobile Location-Based Multimodal Game for First Year Students
S. Boll, P. Klante und J. Krösche
In: Creutzburg, Reiner (editor): Multimedia on mobile devices (Electronic imaging science and technology San Jose, California, USA, 17-18 January 2005), Bellingham, Wash, ISBN 3-540-28791-4, 2005.

The xPOI Concept
J. Krösche and S. Boll
In: International Workshop on Location- and Context-Awareness (LoCA 2005) in cooperation with Pervasive 2005, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, May 12 - 13, 2005.

Integration multimodaler Benutzungsschnittstellen auf mobilen Endgeräten auf Basis der Niccimon++ Plattform

Daniel Wichmann
Diploma thesis, Department of Computing Science - Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany, 2005 (in German).


Location-aware mobile multimedia applications on the Niccimon platform
J. Baldzer, S. Boll, P. Klante, J. Krösche, J. Meyer, N. Rump, A. Scherp, H.-J. Appelrath
In: 2. Brunswick Symposium - Information System for mobile applications. Brunswick, Germany, October 21-22, 2004.

First-year Students' Paper Chase - a Mobile Location-Aware Multimedia Game
P. Klante, J. Krösche. D. Ratt, S. Boll
Video demonstration at ACM Multimedia 2004, New York, USA, October 10-16, 2004.

AccesSights --A Multimodal Location-Aware Mobile Tourist Information System
P. Klante, J. Krösche, S. Boll
In: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP'2004) -- Special Thematic Session (STS): Accessible Tourism, Paris, France, 7/2004, pp. 287-294 .

MobiDENK - Mobile Multimedia in Monument Conservation
J. Krösche, J. Baldzer, S. Boll
In: IEEE MultiMedia, 11(2), IEEE, pp.72-77, 4/2004.


Paper chase revisited - a Real World Game meets Hypermedia
S. Boll, J. Krösche, C. Wegener
In: Proc. der Intl. Conference on Hypertext (HT’03), August 26–30, 2003, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

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